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Best Internet For Commercial offices in Malad & Lokhandwala

Businesses need constant connectivity to communicate and transact over the internet. Shared internet lines along with multiple users accessing simultaneously, can lead to inefficiencies. Internet Leased Line service for enterprises, empowers them with dedicated bandwidth ensuring reliable high-speed communication and collaboration.

With high-speed and dedicated Commerical connections, it is favourable for big as well as small enterprises with constant dependency on the Internet. We give you a SLA of 99.5% Uptime and 24/7 support.


MBPS Speed


Equipment installation and setup

AVS Internet delivers huge value and super-fast broadband over our fibre to the node network. We also include Backend Panel for every customer to check data usage.

Customer support centre

We provide our clients with free 24/7 support that guarantees the solution of any issues with your connection or speed problem.


Customer satisfaction guarantee

The amount of our company’s satisfied customers grows with every new client creating satisfaction guarantee for everyone who uses our services.